A Wesleyan student has filed a lawsuit against the Psi Upsilon fraternity, claiming negligence on the part of the organization for allowing her to be sexually assaulted in the common room of the fraternity house.

The lawsuit names both Psi Upsilon’s Wesleyan chapter and the fraternity organization as a whole as defendants, along with several individuals involved with the fraternity and the assault.

The Hartford Courant writes that the assault occurred at a party at the fraternity house in May 2013, “in the presence of numerous others.”

In a statement released this afternoon, President Roth expressed “horror at this shameful assault” and stated his intent to focus attention on “improving the safety of these [fraternity] spaces.”

Until now, the university had “not spoken publicly about this matter out of concern for the survivor’s privacy,” but is able to “now that civil proceedings have commenced.”

Wesleyan’s own investigation of the incident “led to the perpetrator’s dismissal from the university and sanctions against the fraternity and individual members of it.”

Wesleyan’s relations with on-campus fraternities have become increasingly strained over the past few years, with similar incidents prompting Beta Theta Pi’s stint as technically off-campus housing and a controversial change in Wesleyan’s housing policy in 2011.

In addition,” wrote President Roth, “we will be gathering information to present to the Board as it considers what role, if any, residential fraternities will have on our campus in the future.”



If you enjoyed listening to Brendan O'Donnell's interview on the gender neutral bathrooms controversy and are interested in learning more, check out  Wesleying's recent coverage of Pissed Off Trans People that includes an interview with POTP and a reprint of their manifesto.

And if you thought gender neutral bathrooms could only be an issue at Wesleyan, Philadelphia recently passed a bill mandating that all city-owned buildings have gender neutral bathrooms.  Here's a link to an Advocate report on Philadelphia's new legislation.    

For more general information on transgender issues, you can visit TransWhat?




In case you didn't hear, Wesleyan's football team beat Williams College on Homecoming, earning Wes the Little Three Championship for the first time in 43 years.  

Here's a link to the The Middletown Press' coverage of the game that follows up with defense back, Devon Carillo (Class of 2017), and a brief history of the Little Three rivalry. 


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