Read about our illustrious former staff.


Aaron Veerasuntharam

Aaron is from Toronto, Ontario and is a senior at Wesleyan University, where he majors in the College of Letters and French Literature. He has been a part of ANR since his freshman year, when he became "the voice" of the show. Now, in addition to hosting, he oversees the show's production and online presence, among other things. He is looking forward to graduating at the end of this year and returning home to play with his pet polar bear. It's a Canadian thing.



Michelle Agresti

Michelle Agresti is the News Director for the show. She is also an English Major/South Asian Studies Certificate at Wesleyan University. She's worked on ANR since returning from abroad her junior year. Prior to that, she was Arts Editor of the Wesleyan Argus and had been Editor-in-Chief of her high school paper. Now, she is also Managing Editor at Creative Campus —although ANR shouldn't get jealous. Michelle also acts a bunch, dances some, and knits random things like nosewarmers. 

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Yatta Zoker

Yatta Zoker is a senior film major who loves to talk to strangers. Lucky for her, interviewing for Argus News Radio has allowed her to do so! In the future, she hopes to make documentary films and continue to troll internationally. Follow her on tumblr @yattazoker. 


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Harper Fant 

Harper is a senior majoring in English with a concentration on theory and creative writing.  She reports, produces, supervises the blog, and stays classy even though that's not a clever reference.  She likes conversing more than anything and is glad that can pass as journalism.  If you ever want to have a recorded conversation, email her at


Daniel Giovanniello

Daniel, a sophomore at Wesleyan University, writes headlines for ANR, among other things. He's been hailed as "the next big thing in small town headline writing". He's originally from Manhasset, New York, and prefers dogs to cats. That's not to say he doesn't like cats.


Abbey Frances

Abbey, a senior at Wesleyan University, edits in depth feature stories for ANR and brings a wealth of experience in journalism. 

And the list goes on... 

  • Allis Cronan

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  • Christina Norris

  • Britt Duncan

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